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Entertainment service - Prague business event

Entertainment Service Ltd. welcomes the opportunity of preparing special projects of Prague Business Event on your behalf. Our team are pleased to discuss it with you if you required. The staff of our company are highly qualified and we feel certainity of success an event like this.

Just look at our references! We can show that Entertainment Service has been successful in its intended development and we effort to be among not largest in this field but the highest quality. Please have a look at Launching symposium and references.



  • Business case, planning and budgeting
  • Strategy
  • Risks issues
  • Reports
  • Handover

Organizational and competitive advantages

  • 10 year experience with hands-on PM coordination and production
  • Vendor management and communication with external partners
  • Self-starter: selecting locations, partners, suppliers, provider for events and projects, negotiating prices
  • Great knowledge of city of Prague and geography of CZ
  • Complete production services for clients
  • Coordination of trips and sightseeing
  • Great transport and interpreting services for the clients
  • Always something more...

We choose for clients several hotels in Prague where we are able to arrange required accommodation and services for our dear clients.

Entertainment Service is able to give its clients lots of suggestions how to spend a wonderful time in Prague. Thanks to our cooperating partners you can admire plenty of lovely and amazing historical places and sights. We are always here for you. Our team have qualified guides, skilled drivers and trained administrative staff, that will arrange all your demands with pleasure.

The offer for conference/congress tourism provides complete services such as conference rooms rented, promotion and production services, accommodation and accompanying programmes for participants as well as transport etc. This schema contents only basic information.

The offer can consist from following parts: (example)

  • Transport and organize
  • Accommodation at hotel
  • Workshop production (conference room with refreshment) and technical support)
  • Accompanying and event program (spare-time)
  • Entertainment service and its specials

Transport and organization

We dispose of all kinds of vehicles (from small cars to various sizes of coaches).

Possibilities transport:

  • Taxi (individual transport) or limusine service
  • Minibus (small group - 8-11PAX)
  • Bus

Accommodation at hotel

We choose for you several hotels which provide their services at the top quality.

Event program (spare-time)

All our clients will have the opportunity to be part of the most amazing and interesting sights of Prague. All of our customers will receive goodie bags immediately after their arrival.

We suggest for example:

  • Prague Sightseeing tour

    two hours tour of Prague
  • An illusion of the middle ages

    sights and dinner
  • Esoteric mysterious Prague - ghosts tour

    ghosts special tour
  • Prague Venice

    short boat trip

Entertainment service - just special and surprise

We take care...skilled staff will do the maximum for comfort of participants. Our clients will receive present bags immediately after they arrive (e.g.program, accompanying program, name tag, non sparkling water, map of Prague and city transport, postcards with stamps (Gold Prague), pencil, light refreshment. At the hotel we will organize a special check-in.

For accompanying program we kindly recommend you following other possible services for very low prices but high effect and quality:

  • Gothic cellar, monastery or other nontraditional environment for conference or only for dinner
  • Violin (like Czech Vanessa Mae) performed by Michal Hejc - evening program
  • Private excursion to Charles bridge museum
  • Mucha museum visit
  • Barman show or quick barman course
  • Vine degustation, cigars for men
  • Thai massage as relax
  • Flower decorations
  • Presents (Czech crystal, CDs)
  • Creative photographer
  • Etc.

We are ready to discuss all details with you.

Your Entertainment service team